April 2013 archive

Full Pool

In a little swimming pool, inside a small hotel, in a little country, but with a great heart of gold. That is my impression of this recording. http://ryushare.com/v5u6ajj66oc7/FOOLP.avi http://upstore.net/ZsnEkD/FOOLP.avi

Weekend Spa

Everybody loves the time in the spa. And so the girls got together and spent a happy time in the pool, solarium, whirlpool and the relaxation centre. http://ryushare.com/bsbkons64wgp/WSPA.avi http://upstore.net/ZC2kKV/WSPA.avi

Green Mountain

This day on a little cottage in the mountains is dedicated to children, because it is the last weekend of the holidays. It is truth to say that the weather was not perfect, but try to spoil the joy of children! http://ryushare.com/8o9ka9bs6z05/Green_Mountain.part1.rar http://ryushare.com/xvj0m9j5sqjj/Green_Mountain.part2.rar http://ryushare.com/ifpmk79s23j4/Green_Mountain.part3.rar http://ryushare.com/rbmvk5cn24pz/Green_Mountain.part4.rar http://ryushare.com/jy73ymdpm66k/Green_Mountain.part5.rar http://upstore.net/zXbGra/Green_Mountain.part1.rar http://upstore.net/zXbP3z/Green_Mountain.part2.rar http://upstore.net/zXbqUr/Green_Mountain.part3.rar http://upstore.net/zXbpaz/Green_Mountain.part4.rar http://upstore.net/zXbznU/Green_Mountain.part5.rar http://ryushare.com/nolywsz0zinr/Green_Mountain.avi http://upstore.net/zXbMHb/Green_Mountain.avi

Miss Naturist Freedom

Which man would not be interested in seeing the most beautiful girl, and which girl would not like to know if she is the most beautiful one for the men around. With us you have a unique opportunity to compare your taste for women’s beauty with ours. http://ryushare.com/xutbjwzrm3sr/MISSNF.wmv http://upstore.net/Z3jq8D/MISSNF.wmv


But there is plenty of happiness and tears! A loving boy and a girl said their “YES” in the presence of their closest friends. Is the wedding real? Try to guess! http://ryushare.com/1jw7xkxzsilq/Wedding.avi http://upstore.net/zXkzmP/Wedding.avi

Inflatable Slide

The young, as well as the older members of our naturist organizations were interested in a new and special form of entertainment. They all agreed upon an inflatable slide. See for yourself whether their choice was the right one. http://ryushare.com/0i1v2ny4kmvn/Inflatable_Slide.avi http://upstore.net/zXkLTP/Inflatable_Slide.avi


Christmas time in the circle of friends, tree decorating, singing Christmas songs, unwrapping presents and sweets. That’s the right Christmas time. http://ryushare.com/a0iedrqq6fkw/Christmas.avi http://upstore.net/zXkPhk/Christmas.avi

Summer Vacation

There are many new young faces among us on this holiday. The holiday is generally considered to be the best time for making new friendships and relations and you can be with us there! http://ryushare.com/un3vyw544odc/Summer_Vacation.avi http://upstore.net/zXkiJD/Summer_Vacation.avi

Funny Bowling Day

A group of young people spend a pleasant afternoon together plying bowling. Competition and friendly talk are the contents of this action. http://ryushare.com/6kn0nu51twrd/Funny_Bowling_Day.avi http://upstore.net/zXkG8A/Funny_Bowling_Day.avi

In The Sun

This was more of a survival that having a good time. It was a terrible heat so we were not able to do much but lie and lie, and lie again. http://ryushare.com/6ivvhnjf6op9/In_the_Sun.avi http://upstore.net/zXkrK2/In_the_Sun.avi