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Relaxing wiht a Trampoline

We spent our holiday in a camp in tents (this time without men), with a trampoline, lots of good time and fun. The owner of the camp built a little dam on the brook (although it is not allowed), so that we might have a swim there. However, the weather was not very good and …

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We all like building a tent and camping out over the night, ever since our childhood. It was a real paradise in the beautiful mountain nature for the children. They all really enjoyed the running and playing. Format: .VOB Size : 4,02 GB Duration: ~ 1 hour or more …

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Veronika has Become a Mother

We have captured at least a part of her pregnancy period on this DVD, and the period following the birth of the new-born daughter Drahuska, and her husband Adam Format: .VOB Size : 3,78 GB

Girls Pool Party

Large and dynamic film about the outdoor activity of several girlfriends, naturistok for a game of pool. Besides the game itself was a feast, fun fellowship and a good rest. Quality film from the famous studio.

Boarding House “American Lady”

There is a ladies´party held from time to time, with really nothing special to discuss. The main thing is that the ladies have a reason to get together and not spend the whole days at home alone in front of computers, TV sets, over studying and books.

Girls Birthday Party

Two friends have their birthday on the same day and have invited their friends to celebrate with them. The party takes place in a friend’s apartment. And you’re invited to watch the fun, dancing, and games. Res: 704×480 Dur: 56 min Size: 3.14 Gb Type: DVD ” …

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Night merry making

Evening time is full of mystery. So our pussycats held a catty round with dancing and fire. Just have a look… Format: DVD Video (VOB) Size : 4,15 GB Resolution: 720×480 Duration: ~1 hour or more NMMK.part1.rar – 1.1 GB NMMK.part2.rar – 1.1 GB NMMK.part3.rar – 1.1 GB NMMK.part4.rar – 957.2 MB …

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It is the time when all little devil girls get together, and they have a hellish discotheque. They dance and dance with their BuBuBu. Don´t be afraid and have a look at them. They are all cute little dancing imps. Format: DVD Video (VOB) Resolution: 720×480 Duration: ~1,5 hour or more …

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Small Trampoline

Bright and cheerful film illustrating the family naturism in nature. Film quality is superb, the name is fully responsible content. Format: DVD Video (VOB) Size : 2.43 GB Resolution: 720×480 Duration: ~1 hour